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How does the affiliate program work?
What you earn money for?
What is special about your program?
How much can I earn?
Can I get a better offer to work with Studybay?
How do I start using your affiliate program?
What kind of traffic do you accept?
Are there any geographical limitations?
How can I check how much Ive already earned?
How long is your holding period?
What are your conversion rates?
Can I get rewards for bringing new writers to Studybay?
Can I use Studybay name, brand, or logo on my website, page, or project?
How do I change my phone number?
What kind of traffic do you accept?
Where do I direct my traffic?
How often do you pay your partners?
What is the minimum payment amount?
What payment systems can I use to withdraw funds?
Where can I see the statistics for my referral links and attracted orders?
How often the statistics is updated?
What does the Order list represent?
What does the Number of bids section represent?
What does Order Status mean?
What are the streams?
Promotional Materials
Which promotional materials have the best conversion rate?
Where do I direct my traffic to get the best results?
Do you have a list of keywords I could use?
What does it mean to enter the ID of an element (instead of youridContainer) you would like to place the form in?
Can I use banners Ive created myself?
Writers attraction affiliate program
Restriction for writer referrals:
Studybay Affiliate Program
Monetize your audience interested in the study assistance
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