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What is EduGram

Studybay – is an internet based service for ordering student related work, student assignments, and general research papers/work. On our website, clients (generally students) and originating authors (qualified authors who originate material or fulfil work organically in their respective fields) come together directly, and with no middleman, agree on price and deadlines for their respective work/assignment.

Today Studybay – comprises of more than 10,000 authors spread over the most diverse fields and disciplines, with 57,000 completed assignments, with more than a 1000 orders per day and still growing. All work originating authors go through rigorous moderation and pass qualifying criteria and rigorous checks prior to working on the StudyBay platform. This is done in order to provide clients the highest quality and service and allows us to give our industry-breaking guarantee for non-plagiarized material.

Thanks to the responsiveness of our Authors, a simplified interface, low prices and on-time delivery - the majority of all orders are fulfilled and turned into completed assignments.

Our Affiliate Program is one of the most unique and transparent programs - We show our Affiliates all orders, which come from their referral links, The quantity of bids for these orders and all rebills.

What do Affiliates get?
  • Offer from 40% to 60% from each first order
  • Rebills from 10% to 15% from all subsequent orders
  • Immediate payments on any working day
  • A Personal Manager for easier and quicker integration and analytic
Who are interested in partnership with EduGram Affiliate Program:

If you have an educational website, or a website with a lot of student traffic, then you may already be aware of the problem of how to monetize such a valuable resource.

Thats why we has developed our Affiliate Program for StudyBay. A high conversion rate, simplified monetization and immense experience in this industry allows us to help you properly monetize your student traffic.

Simply put - we masterfully convert and monetize student/education traffic - and would want to grow along with you!

If you are an experienced arbitrageur and doorway expert - new horizons are available to you: An inexhaustible market niche is in your grasp - where you can earn a stable, high income over years and years!

Why is our Affiliate Program so cool?
Your advantages for working with StudyBay:
  • the highest conversion in niche
  • fast traffic return
  • instant and timely payments
  • convenient system for effectiveness assessing
  • unique promotional materials
  • personal manager
  • the companys leading position in educational niche
  • regular updates
  • the highest customer refund in educational niche

StudyBay Affiliate program is unique in its own right. No other similar Affiliate program exists on the market today, and none provides you with the tools for analytics.

The most important advantage of statistics - Transparency. StudyBay even has an orders section, where any Affiliate can have a look at a detailed report of Status and Stage of an order, or groups of orders.

Tools for analytics:
  • Tables and Graphs with Revenue, Orders, Transfers and Applications
  • A Detailed list of all orders (with the description of each order)
  • Diagrams and graphs
  • Division between new orders and rebills, with a detailed list of bids for every order and their current status.
Promotional materials.

Another great advantage of our Affiliate program is the availability of a vast array of promotional material at your disposal: both standard (ones we are all used to seeing day-to-day) and unique ones (such as dynamic order forms).

Promotional materials provided:
  • Refferal links
  • Banners
  • Buttons and Widgets
  • Landing pages
  • List of keywords
  • Order forms, pop-ups
  • Separation over streams
Why StudyBay?
Advantages of using StudyBay:
  • the best writers all over the world
  • a simple and comfortable interface allows you to order a paper faster
  • the best prices
  • the Auction-based system allows you to choose the best offer
  • lots of ways that you can pay
  • authors rating system
  • warranty period

After registration in our Affiliate Program you will receive an access to all options available on the Studybay platform: Promo-Materials, Statistic tools, Customer support, and a Personal Manager which will walk you through and help you set up easier and faster.

Studybay Affiliate Program
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